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About Me

I'm Kat Newson and I’m a Habit Coach. I help people move from just surviving to thriving. I enable them to create the success in life that they want by helping them establish positive habits.

To me the formula for success is:


Success can be whatever it is you want to achieve. Success could be feeling calmer during stressful times, eating healthier, losing weight, or exercising more. You might want to be a better parent and partner. You might want to achieve more at work or in your business.

The time portion of the equation usually takes care of itself. Time passes so quickly! Typically though for habits, there is a painful gap between what people want and what they actually do.

For far too long, I struggled with feeling fatigued and unhealthy, envying people who seemed to have abundant energy. Once I discovered how to take charge of my habits I was able to improve the quality of my life massively. 

If I can do it you can too.

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Together we're building a community where you'll be able to swap stories, experiences, and ideas with other people around our shared mission and find a little inspiration. By building this community outside of social media, you can have more in-depth conversations which are more relevant and valuable experiences. As the community grows there will also be access to some great exclusive content, richer polls, and online events.

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